Full-Service Creative Advertising Agency

For less than the cost of your worst minimum-wage employee, you can have a professional design team solving your most wicked problems.

What You Get:

Unlimited, Original Designs

Priority 3-Day Service

Conversion-Focused Designs

Unlimited Revisions

Flat Monthly Design Bills

All Intellectual Property Rights 

Media Buying Recommendations 

Three days from now, you can have your first piece back.

Who Are We?

We speak nerd.

SEO. CPM. AIDA. CMYK. PPC. We’ll teach you if you want us to, but we’ll take over things on our end, so you can get back to providing superior customer service and selling more widgets.

We are nimble.

Because we’re small, we adapt quickly. Hell, we even answer our own phones. We eschew bureaucratic hierarchy. And using stuffy terminology like this, too.

We try to be invisible.

We don’t just schedule meetings just to meet. Our time is valuable, just like yours.

We build fast websites fast.

No one turns away from a site that loads in 1 second.

We have one goal.

We keep our clients’ doors open today, so they can survive to fight again tomorrow.

We know all the rules.

However, we love to break them.

We work for food.

We design for people, not awards.

You have problems. We can help.

We believe every wicked problem has a design solution. Every. Single. One.


Here’s how it works:

  • You place an order via a design brief
  • We send you the design solution within 3 working days
  • You make revision requests
  • We make the change orders until you are happy
  • We provide your assets in commonly used file formats
  • We assign you all intellectual property rights
  • You submit as many projects as you need completed
Trust Us
You Can Too

Auto Body Shops
Auto Dealerships
Automotive Dealers
Children’s Toy Retailers
Convenience Store Chains
Custom Car Audio Dealers
Department Stores
eBay Stores
Furniture And Carpet Dealers
Manufactured Housing Dealers
Men’s Clothing Stores
Motorcycle and ATV Dealers
Product Packers
Storage Warehouses
Television And Stereo Stores
Tire Stores
Travel Camper Dealerships
Variety Department Stores
Women’s Clothing Stores


Musical Instrument Manufacturers
Pottery Wholesalers
Meat Packers
Restaurant Equipment Suppliers
Religious Publications


Auto Dealer Event Planners
Banks/Financial Institutions
Cable Providers
Chambers of Commerce
Chiropractic Clinics
Event Promoters
Finance Companies
Home Infusion Services
Insurance Agencies
Job Placement Recruiters
Non-Profit Organizations
Radio Stations
Utility Companies


Children’s Organizations
Children’s Services
Junior Colleges
Karate Studios
Musical Bands
Bowling Teams
Private Schools
Sports Teams
Youth Groups

Finally control your design budget with flat monthly pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a “3-Day Turnaround Between Projects” mean?
You will receive 8 hours or more of design work every third day, and we will update you with our design progress accordingly.
How many designs can I order at one time?
Order as many designs as you need, but realize that your design team can only work on one project at a time. While we wait on your feedback, we will begin on the next project in the queue, assuming you have already completed a written brief. If one project depends on the next, however, please note that we may be unable to complete a new job unless you have approved the earlier project first. For example, if you request a logo design, followed by a letterhead/envelope design, we can’t work on the letterhead/envelope design until the logo has been approved by you first.
Do you design or code web page designs?
Unlike other design firms, we don’t send you web mockups generated in Photoshop and leave you to your own devices. We actually code your site, and will arrange to have it hosted on a lighting-fast server in exchange for an annual donation to our favorite non-profit.
When do I receive the work after I brief you?
Upon receiving your order, we will send you a design brief that can be completed via email. Upon receipt, we will let you know if we have what we need to get started. You will receive your design project within 3 business days.
How long must I wait between submissions?
Stack as many as you want, and your project manager will work with you to determine your priority. All we need to put work in your queue is a complete brief.
How long does it take to get revisions?
Generally, you should allow 3 days after we receive your written change order.
What is the best way to send in a brief?
We will provide written questionnaires, or you can send us something you’ve already worked up. Your design manager will let you know when he or she has enough information to get started.

Who owns the work you create for us?

You do. And that’s part of our plain English contract with you. You maintain all Intellectual Property Rights. Any digital assets we use on your behalf from third parties are assigned to you. Any Creative Commons work is sourced for your legal protection as well.

Where is your company headquartered?

Flying Pig Brand LLC is a Meridian, Mississippi-based company. We have close ties to Livingston, Alabama, home of The University of West Alabama, where some of our best designers are trained.

We work 24/7. Does your staff work on weekends?

Doesn’t everyone? Actually, our delivery schedules are based on a five-day workweek, Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays. We like our time off and think you should, too.

I like to save money. Do you offer discounts?

We believe in the foundation of local, community support. If you're a member in good standing of your local Chamber of Commerce, we offer a 20% discount for as long as you use our service.

Can I get a refund if we are unhappy?

We do business differently. You have the right to unlimited design revisions, and if you are ever unhappy with your design team leader or the work itself, we can assign you to a new team. Ultimately, though, if we can’t make you happy, we don’t want your money, and we would happily refund any unused time.

What is the best way to communicate with you?

Experience shows that written communication produces the highest quality work in the least amount of time. You can always reach your design team leader, and, of course, you will have the private cell phone numbers for Greg and Weldon, the design masters behind everything we produce at Flying Pig Brand.

What if I don’t have enough work to send your way?

Use us as much as you like. If your design manager sees you struggling with taking full advantage of our services, he or she will contact you with some options that will keep your company moving forward. We don’t want your money if you can’t benefit from our services.

What if I plan to order a lot of big projects in one month and drop you like a hot potato?

Go ahead, give us a try. This is not our first rodeo. We know something that you may not: after you experience the success of the pieces we build for you, you’ll discover you have even more needs, such as social media campaigns, A/B web testing, brochures, more business cards. You get the idea. We’re here for you for the long-term.

What if I have an emergency need?
If you work with your design team leader effectively, this simply won’t happen. We generally work 13-weeks out, so you are far less likely to have an emergency need than when flying by the seat of your pants. But to directly answer your question, we don’t work in emergency mode. Ever. Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on our part. We have families and kids and stuff we like to do when we’re not at work, just like you do, and these times are sacred to us. Let us help you, so you no longer have to work in crisis mode.
What if I hate the designs?
Experience shows us that with a proper brief, we will nail your design goal the first time. However, if you are unhappy with the work, you have the right to unlimited revisions. Hell, if you’re really unhappy, we can start completely over with a new design brief. Our job is to make you satisfied. If you’re new to all of this, please keep in mind that design is less about your personal preferences and more about what works. It’s a rarity that our clients are part of their own target demographics, so in some cases, we will explain why something will work with your target audience, though maybe not with you. In those cases, you may choose to let us set up a test of an idea that doesn’t initially resonate with you.
What about web hosting?
We build our websites on WordPress, the most popular content management system on the planet, which serves 32% of all content on the web worldwide. In addition, we use Divi,  from Elegant Themes, to construct customized websites for each client. In other words, we don’t use off-the-shelf templates. Your website will be unique to your business, and you’ll not find another site like yours anywhere else in the world. Host your site anywhere that supports WordPress. However, we hope you’ll consider hosting with us as part of our donation to the UWA IMC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation that supports the integrated marketing communications students at The University of West Alabama in Livingston.
You’ve mentioned The University of West Alabama several times. Are my designs being completed by students?
Your design team leader is a working professional working at least full time in the industry. He or she has earned at least an undergraduate degree in integrated marketing communications or an equivalent specialty. Your team members are trained by Greg and/or Weldon, Flying Pig Brand’s CEO and President, respectively, to solve your most wicked design problems. Nothing leaves our office without their approval. Team members may or may not be design students, based on the complexity of your needs. However, in every case, you will receive commercial quality work from our designers. We only hire the best students, typically second semester juniors and seniors, with proven track records for commercial work in their own right. They’d rather work for us than work at Subway® or the university cafeteria, for example, so they can build their personal portfolios, creating a win-win-win arrangement for everyone.
OK, what's the catch? What's not free?
First and foremost, we are design team.

Stationery and custom imprinted specialties are not free—although will be happy to design work to send to your imprinters. Through one of our sister companies, we can provide just about anything imaginable, at less than book prices. They have a catalog of over 500,000 items, including shirts, pens, coffee mugs, USB cards, and display signage. Honesty, the list of available imprintables is nearly overwhelming. We encourage you to check with us before ordering elsewhere.

Web hosting is not free. We offer affordable, lightning-fast web hosting as a donation to the UWA IMC Foundation at a rate of $40/month. Our sites are tested and proven to load in less that two seconds. Guaranteed. Our personal goal is to get them to load in roughly a second, and unless your content needs are excessive, we can usually accomplish this for you, too. You get tons of free services when you use them for hosting, and everything is redundantly backed up, so you’ll never have to worry about your site disappearing or getting hacked.

Web designs with shopping carts solutions are available at an additional cost.

While we create competitively-priced, commercial quality videos and radio spots, from 30-seconds to an hour long, these are at an additional cost. Check with your team leader for more information.

Why do you offer this weird pricing model?
We need consistent income, so we can meet payroll each month. By having regular work and regular billings, we can keep designers on staff in between our feast or famine higher priced, à la carte jobs.

In addition, fixed billings permit us to hire some of the best student designers in the world from The University of West Alabama at above minimum wage, so they don’t have to subsidize their university schooling by working part-time, soul-stealing jobs at fast food joints or retail outlets. This model allows them to build their portfolios while getting real world experience on real client work, all carefully supervised by some of the most experienced designers and media design management experts in the industry. Greg, for example, has been doing design work since 1982 and national agency work since 1994.

Finally, we offer this entry-level design model, so small to medium businesses can compete with the big boys in their respective industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, only about 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. And the numbers get even more depressing. Only about 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business. While many entrepreneurs are good at services and selling, they don’t really understand branding or marketing, and by the time they get banged around by real life experience, it’s often too late for them to recover. That’s why you need Flying Pig Brand, an expert team on your side.

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