Meet the Masterminds

Greg Jones

I am a father of four and a husband of one. I spend most of my time attached to a Mac or iOS device, where I create amazing work for students and preferred clients. As a professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at The University of West Alabama, I turn my lifelong fascinations with design, literature, writing, and photography into a career that insures a life of childish bliss. Powered by gallons of fresh black coffee and Diet Coke, I strive to change the world through the power of design, while stomping out the embers of ignorance with both feet. Hey, somebody’s got to do it.

Weldon Fultz

I’m Weldon, a 26-year-old coffee-drinking tech addict with a real passion for everything visual. Having spent the past three years working in the multimedia design field, I can honestly say I’ve finally found the perfect thing to help manage my OCD perfectionism. I knew this was the right career for me, even all the way back in high school, when I was making 2-D video games in my room and promoting them online after I got home from baseball practice. Now I get to use my talents to help people like you, and that’s pretty awesome. I’m the one that brings in the young and edgy vibe.

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